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Videomessage | Harmony Paths | June 2021

There is no more time to waste, and we certainly do not waste time.

We are ready, and we are already operating with an all-round strategy.

The meeting of the G20 Foreign Ministers just ended in Matera, under the Italian Presidency.

2019: Matera, European capital of Culture. A signal of change for the whole of Southern Italy. A message of beauty, sustainability, and humanity, aimed at the whole world.

2020: Pandemic. A global phenomenon.

2021: Matera hosts the G20. Let's move on!

It is necessary to interpret well the meaning of what is being accomplished before our eyes. It is necessary not to be spectators, but protagonists.

We, in the Mercure Lao Valley, close to the highest peaks of Southern Italy, with our strategy, are the vanguard.

The international community is called to face the great challenges of today: from the pandemic to climate change, from support for meaningful and conscious innovation, to the fight against poverty, environmental devastation, alienation, demotivation.

Since 1 December 2020, Italy holds the presidency of the G20, the international forum that brings together the world's major economies. We're proud of it.

The presidency's programme revolves around the trinomial People, Planet, Prosperity.

We must take care of the planet and people, ensuring a strong economic recovery that is both inclusive and sustainable. We, in our small village, with our miserable means, really do it. We place our young people at the center, and we proved this with the Photo Contest "Castelluccio Amore Mio".

In Bari, Matera and Brindisi, where the "great" of the world economy met, reflections were made, beyond empty declarations of intent.

To develop a safer and more sustainable world, we must first restore the balance between people and nature. We, at the heart of our strategy, have heartfelt values of purity and beauty.

The policies we propose look beyond the fences of consensus and party or village rivalries, and project us into the future, thinking about what we will leave to our children, our grandchildren, future generations, with the respect we owe to our elders, and to our ancestors, who have left us so much beauty.

We have already questioned ourselves, and we are acting, about the energy transition, about the poverty of opportunity of families, and about scenarios that could bring us, unfortunately, other pandemics.

We put sustainability at the heart of our strategy making. Our enemy is the devastation, which we men and women - when we are unconscious - inflict on ourselves and our children.

We try to increase this collective awareness. We propose the Mercure Lao Valley as a Beauty Workshop.

We invite everyone, including the G20 delegates, to work with us on the basis of a Joint Agenda, on shared values of Beauty and Harmony, for a cleaner, healthier, fair, just, beautiful, hospitable planet that leaves no one behind, alone.

The Puglie, the Basilicata Valleys, the Calabrie are not backward, are not behind. They are at the forefront, they are a laboratory of a new development model.

Mercurion Hotspot represents the strategic, competitive, and transformative repositioning program of the Mercure Lao Valley, which began in Castelluccio Inferiore.

We operate with architectural recovery, we operate with archaeology, we operate with martial arts, we operate with the agri-food supply chain, we operate with the arts, we operate with music...

Mercure Lao Valley: Beauty Workshop.

We give space to the deep aspirations of all, realized by increasing collective awareness: a strategy made of harmony, respect, candor and purity.

Take away more than add; slow down more than accelerate; do not make dirty upfront, instead of cleaning later; open the way to our young people; counter the demographic and motivational decline; protect and enhance the territory in a healthy and meaningful way; give value to silence, darkness, light, fragility, sweetness. Planting millions of trees.

This is our proposal.

We're ready. We won't stop.

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