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Here we offer heterarchical joint agenda building platforms.

What is a heterarchy? A heterarchy is a very special organizational form, midway between a hierarchy and a network. A heterarchy consists of separate organisations, each with its own goal, which need to collaborate to achieve a collective good that is too complex to achieve on their own. Such organisations form a coalition. None of them is in charge. Heterachies may be very successful, provided that they are orchestrated. 

In heterarchical organisations complexity is very high. There might be several leaders, cooperating with one another. 

Heterarchies require a variety of followers establishing horizontal links. Such links permit different individuals, each in one's own organization, to cooperate, while they individually attempt to achieve their own success. Such individuals are "connectors". They enable the alignment of the intents. There are three types of connectors in heterarchies: hubs, gatekeepers, and thinkers. Hubs know a lot of people and act as facilitators. They listen. They provide pointers and access to other people. Gatekeepers provide critical connections between networks, safeguard the integrity of the organisation to which they belong. They help to align towards common goals. Thinkers provide their opinions in writing or in speech, and guard the ideological coherence.

Here we provide platforms for such individuals to cooperate.


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